In 2017, BlackPAC’s $1.1 million outreach program that helped elect Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring. Our message led with Black Virginians’ concerns around economic inequality, racial justice and fighting white supremacy.

By Election Day, BlackPAC had knocked on 50,000 doors across the cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia with 90 percent of people contacted pledging to vote. We reached 400,000 Black voters with static and video digital ads, sent texts to over 50,000 voters in the final days before Election Day, sent four waves of mail to 60,000 Black voters, and aired radio ads in the Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke and Washington, DC area media markets.

In Alabama, BlackPAC’s $2.1 million outreach program to elect Doug Jones led with a message about Black Alabamians’ concerns around access to healthcare, growing living wage jobs and criminal justice system reform.

By Election Day, BlackPAC had knocked on over 500,000 doors in Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville, spoke with over 130,000 voters, sent two flights of mail to 271,000 households, made phone calls to 72,000 households, and trained 1,300 community members on engaging and mobilizing their community to vote.