In June, BlackPAC commissioned a poll to hear directly from Black voters on what is most important to our communities during the upcoming midterms in November. Since the presidential election in 2020, our communities have continued to be affected by a lingering pandemic, an economy that has raised the cost of living amid skyrocketing inflation, and increasing violent crime throughout the country.

The Biden-Harris Administration, partnering with a Democrat-led Congress, has achieved a number of key policy victories to address these issues.

Together, they passed the historic American Rescue Plan to pull the country through the worst of the COVID pandemic. They signed into law the most significant investment in infrastructure in a generation and passed a law that bans chokeholds for federal law enforcement, limits no-knock warrants, and created a national database of bad cops. The Administration signed the first gun control bill in three decades and is on the cusp of passing the most impactful climate legislation in history.

There is a sense of urgency in this year’s midterms. 84% of Black voters say these midterms are more important than usual, while roughly 70% of voters say they are dissatisfied with the direction the country is moving in.

Our priorities remain steadfast. We want our voices heard at the ballot box, to feel safe in our communities, and to make a living wage without spending the majority of those wages on housing or health care and prescription drugs.

Protecting voting rights, guns, K-12, jobs and healthcare.

Inflation and guns are dominating info reaching them

Despite the Biden-Harris Administration passing very important gun control legislation, Black voters understand there is still more work to be done to curb the epidemic of gun violence across the country.

Black voters strongly want an array of gun reforms

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has energized our communities. 81% of respondents say that decision has made them more motivated to vote in November.

Black voters strongly oppose overturning Roe

Black Americans remain under the cloud of the increasing threat of white supremacy. 90% of respondents are worried about being affected by a hate crime, while 67% believe racism is getting worse in America.

Black voters are worried about white supremacy

Black voters continue to recognize the economy is not fully supporting our communities. 66% of respondents feel their personal economic situation is getting worse — largely due to gas prices and the cost of groceries and food.

These are the issues at the heart of our communities during this election season. BlackPAC will continue to advocate on behalf of Black voters to ensure elected officials and candidates are upholding and expanding voting rights, making our communities safer, and creating an economy that works for all of us.

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