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Our Mission

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At a time when democracy is under assault, we believe that expanding participation in our elections and increasing the diversity of voices participating in solving our community’s and our nation’s most challenging problems critical to the health and longevity of our democracy. Given the historical barriers aimed at disenfranchising African-American voters, we believe that a focused effort to engage, mobilize, organize, and build political power in our communities is a necessary part of expanding our democracy.

Black voters are the core of the modern progressive coalition. We engage our community around the issues that matter most from protecting our voting rights to a fair economy and quality schools for our children, to criminal justice reform and a healthcare system that works for everyone. We believe in talking to Black voters on these issues at their doors, in their neighborhoods, online, and by mail. We educate, register, and mobilize Black voters, and use our power to hold our elected representatives accountable.

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Investment in home care services can ease financial pressure on whole families as well. And in some forms of home care, family members can actually be paid as home care aides. #AmericanJobsPlan

TEXAS: A new bill could "impose new restrictions on early voting, ban drive-through voting, threaten election officials with harsher penalties, and greatly empower partisan poll watchers." #VotingRights

This #MayDay, we are focused on Black workers and Black women, who have been disproportionately hurting during this pandemic. The American Jobs Bill will reimagine and rebuild our economy for all, and we need your help to make it possible.


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