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BlackPAC is an independent, Black-led organization that uses the power of year-round political engagement and elections to change our economic, justice, and political systems.

Since its founding in 2016, BlackPAC has helped galvanize Black voters to the polls to elect Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorney Generals, US Senators, and State Legislators.

We are committed to long-term, sustained engagement with Black voters by building lasting political infrastructure. We’re holding our public officials accountable to a policy agenda that defends our rights, promotes dignity, and ends white supremacy.

is to engage our community around the issues that matter most from protecting our voting rights to a fair economy and quality schools for our children, to criminal justice reform and a healthcare system that works for everyone. We believe in talking to Black voters on these issues at their doors, in their neighborhoods, online, and by mail. We educate, register, and mobilize Black voters, and use our power to hold our elected representatives accountable.

Since we began in 2016, BlackPAC has:

  • Engaged over 15 million Black voters
  • Added 100,000 BlackPAC Members
  • Trained 5,000 community leaders and organizers.
  • BlackPAC has helped galvanize Black voters to the polls to elect Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorneys General, US Senators, Congress members, and State Legislators.

This progress is what we must protect and build on at the ballot in November. Here are the candidates who have committed to continue this work and fight for equity by following our community’s lead on the issues that matter most to us.



Georgia Run-Off




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“Even with a divided government in Congress, Senator Warnock’s victory means a strengthened Democratic majority in the Senate, one that will help the Biden Administration and Democrats continue to deliver for the voters that put them in office.” https://t.co/ywXhULHJel
“When you create unjust laws, the people who are disenfranchised by those laws will work for their full citizenship...when it comes to having access to the ballot," @AdrianneShrop⁩ says. "God doesn’t like ugly,” she adds, “and karma’s a bitch." https://t.co/vSLf0xBmmN
Read BlackPAC Executive Director @AdrianneShrop's #pressrelease on this evening's historic runoff election. https://t.co/wP0IVnCb3a
Decency and morality won tonight. Senator Raphael Warnock won tonight! Thank you, Georgia, for voting today to protect our rights and freedoms. Onward. https://t.co/RLdMruXZdV
“When you think about the sort of multiple stereotypes that Herschel Walker represents, that tells you a lot about who Republicans think Black people are and what they think that they will accept in terms of political leadership,” [Shropshire] said. https://t.co/uWFWizpv9S
It's Election Day in Georgia! Millions of Georgians have already made their voices heard during a historic early vote turnout. But it's not too late to use your power. Visit https://t.co/rrAR7MFf45 to find your polling place and go vote! https://t.co/p1FGLr58Sy




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