Black political power is important, not only for Black Americans, but for all other Americans as well, and not only for the future well-being and success of Black Americans but for that of the entire country as a whole. That fact has remained true ever since our ancestors fought for not just the right to vote in this country, but for political freedom.

These facts became even more apparent in the 2018 elections, when Democrats, fueled by Black voters, were able to take back Congress, and in scoring some huge wins across the nation, caused shifts in the political map.

Black political power is something that the Democratic Party should not be taking for granted, because Black voters are watching the 2020 elections very carefully, and they want big policy plans that not only give them the ability to prosper and have opportunity in this country, but also address the long history and current impact of racism on their lives and in their communities.

This became clear following a recent poll released by BlackPAC, an independent organization that conducts election polling, and specifically seeks to engage—and sustain the engagement of—Black voters to help change economic, justice, and political systems in the US.

The poll, which surveyed 613 Black/African-American registered voters across the nation between April 25 and April 29, revealed some interesting findings.

About 84% of Black voters polled said that they are paying attention to what is happening in politics and the upcoming election, with 92% of respondents saying that they are likely to vote in 2020.

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