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Latest News

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  • BlackPAC rolls out Senate race endorsements for the first time
    BlackPAC on Thursday announced its inaugural batch of Senate race endorsements, as this year’s election cycle enters the home stretch. The left-leaning political group that focuses on engaging and mobilizing Black voters across the country endorsed Democrats in four Senate races in key battleground states: Sen. Gary Peters (Mich.), Cal Cunningham in North Carolina, and Jon Ossoff […]
  • Black voters need a new Senate as much as a new president
    The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought immense tragedy across our country, particularly for black Americans, who have faced a disproportionate rate of infection and mortality. The economic fallout could have generational implications. Yet in the face of this unimaginable crisis — which has left over 100,000 Americans dead and more than 30 million unemployed — Senate […]
  • Poll: Biden continues to dominate among black voters
    Joe Biden continues to hold a wide lead in the Democratic primary among African Americans, according to a new poll that also shows black voters believe the former vice president would do the best job on most of the issues important to them. In the crowded Democratic field, Biden has 44 percent support — 29 […]
  • Debate gives Democrats a chance to focus on unaddressed issues of concern to black voters
    In the face of a once-in-generation election, this year’s debates have been a letdown in both the “fight night” format and the narrow substance of the questions. That’s not simply unhelpful to the public discourse, it’s a disservice to all voters, in particular black voters. With this week’s Democratic debate in Atlanta, there’s an opportunity […]
  • Black Voters Are Watching the 2020 Elections Carefully, Democrats Better Pay Attention
    Black political power is important, not only for Black Americans, but for all other Americans as well, and not only for the future well-being and success of Black Americans but for that of the entire country as a whole. That fact has remained true ever since our ancestors fought for not just the right to […]

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