BlackPAC is an independent, Black-led organization that uses the power of year-round political engagement and elections to change our economic, justice, and political systems.

Since its founding in 2016, BlackPAC has helped galvanize Black voters to the polls to elect Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorney Generals, US Senators, and State Legislators.

We are committed to long-term, sustained engagement with Black voters by building lasting political infrastructure. We’re holding our public officials accountable to a policy agenda that defends our rights, promotes dignity, and ends white supremacy.

The BlackPAC Approach

  1. Determine the issues that matter to Black voters. BlackPAC surveys voters about their priorities – what will either motivate them to the polls or keep them home – before hitting the ground.
  2. Engage early and often. BlackPAC contacts voters multiple times – at their doors and through ads in mailers, social media, radio and television – in advance of GOTV weekend.
  3. Work with local partners to ensure capacity and infrastructure remain in neighborhoods post-election. BlackPAC partners with grassroots organizations who have the credibility, leadership and existing infrastructure to successfully engage voters in communities of color.
  4. Build a political base through ongoing engagement with supporters identified on the doors and online. BlackPAC invites every voter we canvass to continue fighting with us for the priority issues that motivated them during the election. Through follow-up organizing and joint activities with partners, BlackPAC is building a permanent base of Black progressive voters and activists to not just elect politicians, but hold them accountable.

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