July 14, 2018

Save the Senate

Since Trump and the Republican Congress took control of our government eighteen months ago, it’s been bad news after bad news. The latest decisions by the Supreme Court—allowing states to purge voters, supporting the Muslim travel ban, attacking workers’ rights—and, now, Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring could have devastating effects for decades to come.

Trump’s nominee for the vacant Supreme Court seat is conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Brett Kavanaugh would push the Court further in the wrong direction, putting voting rights, healthcare, criminal justice reform, affirmative action, reproductive rights, and more in their crosshairs.

Furthermore, Trump’s choice to replace Justice Kennedy shows he is committed to rolling back the rights that Black people have long fought for. Just this year, the Supreme Court refused to overturn gerrymandered districts that intentionally weakened Black voting power. Brett Kavanaugh’s record of upholding racially-targeted voter ID laws in South Carolina suggests he will embolden even more states to disenfranchise Black voters.

The Supreme Court and our government don’t have to continue in this direction. The Senate still has to vote to confirm Kavanaugh. This November, we can pull the Senate back from the brink and save the Court.

Only 2 seats are needed to take control of the Senate and stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation—and we have good chances in Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas.

That’s where we come in. BlackPAC is knocking on doors, making phone calls, and turning out Black voters across the country to win Senate seats in the states we need and save the seats we already have.

If anyone can save the Senate, it’s our communities. But we must also elect Senators who are committed to our issues—not just this election year, but for the next six years. That’s what BlackPAC is all about, and our track record shows we have what it takes to win.

This country doesn’t work for us without the promise of democracy. Black folks are on high alert because we recognize the current threat to democracy; we know better than anyone the behaviors and rhetoric to look for. And we know when to take a stand.

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