We believe in holding the candidates and elected officials we support accountable for tackling the issues that affect our communities. These are the issues we’ll stay focused on – a roadmap for change.


Our collective voice can’t be heard if we’re silenced. The process of repairing our broken political system includes electing candidates who are committed to real change on our issues.  We’ll turn out our voters for candidates who will work to expand voting rights and access to the ballot–including for the formerly incarcerated. And we will work to resist attempts to reduce voter power through redistricting.


With little to no justice in the current system, our communities have fallen victim to a failed drug war that has produced over-incarceration. We need major shifts at every level—police departments, courts and local government—to turn things around. And we’ll work to elect candidates committed to real justice for our communities.


Our economy needs a total overhaul. Racial, gender and wealth gaps need to be closed. We need a sound structure that ensures equal access to housing, opportunity in the workplace, and financial security in our communities. That starts with electing candidates that have the courage not to just identify the need for economic opportunity for our communities, but who will enact solutions that address the structural nature of racial and gender disparities in our economy.

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